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Informational Meeting  On The Ballot Question to Restore Superior Standards to Massachusetts

Location: Harmony Hall

Address: 1660 Lakeview Avenue, Dracut, Massachusetts

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016  

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Speakers include:  Sandra Stotsky, former senior Associate Commissioner in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and a speaker from End Common Core MA.

Sandra Stotsky explains the differences between the state’s current standards for MCAS 2.0 and the pre-Common Core standards used for the original MCAS tests.  A speaker from End Common Core MA will discuss the ballot question and the “coalition” set up by the MBAE (Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education) and probably funded by the Gates Foundation to discredit the ballot question and discourage YES voters.



For more information about opting out, please see our link on our resources page.



The work behind the scenes has been on-going ever since the End Common Core MA organization’s petition for a Ballot Question was approved. Now we’re ready to assemble our action teams. WE NEED YOUR HELP. This is the time to be ready to step up. You will see many posts about this topic from those of us assigned to certain areas. If we don’t band together, we may not succeed. THIS IS VITAL TO OUR SUCCESS.

Citizens of MA should be allowed to vote on the future of our state’s educational system.  This cannot happen without help from people like you.  Click here to locate your closest town captain, who will help you get started.

Help us End Common Core – if we all share the effort, it will be easier…we need your help!


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