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FIVE things every parent should know about Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

  1. The standards were developed without input from professional public school educators, have no research base, and have no predictive value regarding success in college or in life.
  2. Data collection systems associated with CCSS are intrusive and violate family privacy rights.
  3. The standards focus on easily-measured skills at the expense of important intellectual, emotional, and personal development.
  4. The standards reject decades of research that indicates each child has a unique development profile and ignore the needs of the disadvantaged and disabled.
  5. Adoption of the standards requires the costly replacement of curriculum materials and the purchase of expensive computer equipment and test materials pulling dollars from already depleted funds.

FIVE Things every parent should know about high-stakes standardized testing.

  1.  These tests are untested.  Validation requires the test developer to show that the test actually measures what it claims to measure. This has never been done for these tests.
  2. These tests don’t tell us where we can improve.  Many assessments such as classroom and performance tests have diagnostic and instructional value but high-stakes standardized tests have no such value. Teachers and students are barred from seeing the direct results of the tests to discover what went wrong.
  3. The tests distort what and how teachers teach.  What gets measured is what gets done, and not much else gets done. The tests cut out instruction in subjects not tested.
  4. The tests have shown no positive results.  After more than a decade of standards and testing accountability efforts there has been virtually no increase in achievement outcomes.
  5. The tests are incredibly costly in both time and money.  It is estimated that as much as a third of the school year is spent preparing students for the tests. The dollar cost is enormous as well including an estimated 2 billion dollars per year for the tests and scoring and huge additional amounts needed for the computer upgrades required for projected online testing.



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