Dear Fellow Common Core activists:

Now that the election is over, it is important that we take an active role and let the Trump/Pence administration know what “we the people” think about the direction of education at a federal level.

I have put together a couple of action items that need to be addressed ASAP.  Please take 2 minutes right now and go to this link greatagain.govand SHARE YOUR IDEAS.

WE need to act FAST because President elect Trump will be picking his secretary of education soon, and we need our VOICES heard.

Some suggestions to submit to President Elect Trump are the following:

Feel free to copy and paste any or all of the following.

  1. Please tell President Elect Trump to stay away from CCSSO (The Council of Chief State School Officers). CCSSO owns the copyright to Common Core.
  1. Please tell President Elect Trump who was scheduled to meet with former District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and who is a supporter of Common Core, that we do not want anybody as Secretary of Education who is pro-common core.
  1. Please tell President Elect Trump,  Williamson Evers of the Hoover Institution would make a great Secretary of Education, he is opposed to Common Core.

ALSO: please consider signing this petition which asked President Elect Trump to appoint Williamson Evens as Secretary of Education.

Thank-you for your efforts to End Common Core.
Happy Holidays,

Donna Colorio
Common Core Forum

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